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all this shit about 1d and 5sos like who cares listen to my music instead xx

omg love why did i not know of you..

number one fan right here «

I love you guys so much. Honestly. I was just kidding around but your comments made my day. xx


Hey, I’m luxvriously ~ I’m 19, live and love in New York and go to a small college. In the last year I’ve helped prevent young children from being wrongly diagnosed and put a pedophile behind bars. My goal in life is to help children in anyway I can to have a good life and grow up the best they can in a messed up world. I hope you read this and feel inspired to do everything you can to help those around you, or to stay strong and wait out your storm <3 
Welcome to my blog! Im always looking for new friends!

Feel free to ask me anything, im always here to help :)

msg if you want to know the song title :)x